What is Gaelic Football?

Gaelic Football is very similar to Australian Rules. It is is played on a pitch up to 145m long and 90m wide with H shaped goalposts much like the goals on a rugby pitch, with the crossbar roughly 2.5m above ground. The ball used is a round leather football made of 18 stitched leather panels.

The football can kicked or “hand-passed” ( a hand-pass is a striking motion with a closed fist) The football can also be carried but only for 4 steps. After every four steps the ball must be ‘played’.  This means the ball must be either bounced or “solo-ed”.

Solo-ing can also be referred to as tapping the ball and is action of dropping the ball onto the foot and kicking it back into the hand. To carry the football over a distance a player must ‘play’ the ball every four sets. Players have as many consecutive solo’s as the like but  may not bounce the ball twice in a row.

To score, the player can kick or hand-pass the ball over the crossbar by  for one point or  kick the ball under the crossbar and into the net for a goal which equals three points.

Each team consists of 15 players, 1 Goal Keeper, 3 Full Backs, 3 Half Backs, 2 Mid Fields, 3 Half Forwards and 3 Full Forwards. Like the diagram below

Officials for a game consist of a referee, two linesmen (to indicate when the ball leaves the field of play) and four umpires (to signal scores and also indicate when the ball leaves the field of play)

A goal is signalled by raising a green flag, placed to the left of the goal. A point is signalled by raising a white flag, placed to the right of goal.

Tackling, especially in men’s rather than ladies, can be robust but not as much as in rugby.

Still want to know what Gaelic Football is?

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