Our New Club Crest

Our New Club Crest was designed by Patrick Kennedy from Kilkenny, below he explains his design;

In designing the new crest for Christchurch McKennas GAA Club, I wanted to integrate iconic symbols of Christchurch and New Zealand into the design, while still keeping a traditional Irish feel to the emblem.

In the year since I came to Christchurch, I have come to realise that there is no more fitting a symbol of the Garden City than the Cathedral’s famous Rose Window, which was damaged beyond repair in the devastating February 22nd earthquake. I also thought it a fitting tribute to Owen McKenna, who tragically lost his life in the same disaster. A simplified version of the window is integrated into the traditional Celtic cross of the GAA.

Another iconic symbol of New Zealand, the silver fern, is included in the design. Two ferns form the background for the crest in a design reminiscent of the crossed-hurley motif which is a staple of GAA emblems.

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