12 A-Side Mixed Social League

Christchurch McKenna’s Social League Rules:

Christchurch McKenna’s Social League Rules:

1. Each team will play 12 a side with 1 allocated goalkeeper and 11 outfield players.

Committee are to be informed and consulted in regards to replacements, All late entries must be entered as individual entries and will be allocated a team by the social league committee.

3. Each team must have a minimum of 4 ladies on the pitch at all times , this is due to the great turn out of ladies we have at training

4. Games are 12 minutes a side

5. All games will be played with a size 5 football

6. Men are not allowed to physically challenge the ladies

7. Ladies can pick the ball straight off the ground but Men must put their foot under the ball

for the pick up

8. Substitutions are unlimited but must be acknowledged by the referee at a break in play.

Players must exit and enter the field at halfway line

9. If a lady scores a point it will be counted as 0-2 and if a lady scores a goal it will be counted

as 0-4. The men’s rule will remain as normal, a point is 0-1 and a goal is a 0-3

10. On the pitch the Referees word is final

11. Referees will apply the rules of the game based on each individual’s ability

12. Referee will use the yellow card if he feels it needs to be used. If a player is shown a yellow card

there will be a timed 5 minute sin bin. If a player attempts to strike his/her opponent a red

card will be shown and the player is not allowed to return to the game and a replacement

for that player is not allowed

13. Square ball rule will not be enforced. Referee will use his discretion if someone is standing

“goal hanging” repeatedly

14. All kick outs and sidelines are to be kicked from the hand. All kick outs are to be taken from

beside posts

15. All individual entries will be accepted

16. All teams need to select a Manager for a point of contact with the Social League Committee

17. The consumption of Alcohol at any Social League games will not be tolerated.

18. The Social League Committee decision is final

We have had a great reponse to the Mixed Social League, with a large number of Individual Entries in particular.


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